Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Style Conscious: An Ethical Fashion Show

Fiber Options Naturals has been asked to participate in the upcoming VIDEA Youth Fashion Show titled 'Style Conscious'. The fashion show is at 7 pm, this Saturday, May 23rd at Mt. Doug Secondary. It is a free event that is bringing awareness to ethical consumption. Guests of the event will be learning where and how these clothing pieces are made, and what materials they are made out of. The staff at the Victoria Fiber Options Naturals had a great time yesterday outfitting models for the event! For more information about the fashion show, please email, or check out

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Thank You to Kama Soap

Kama Soap has been a staple at the Fiber Options Naturals and Ecoeverything Stores for over a decade. The fragrant scent of the all natural soaps has become the familiar and inviting aroma that our customers associate with our stores.
The soaps are handmade with all natural ingredients on Saltspring Island. If you visit the Ganges Market in the summer time, you may recognize the brand, as they have been a staple vendor there for years as well. Our customers LOVE Kama soaps. The moisturizing and long lasting properties of the soap (along with the amazing scents) are what keep our regular soap customers returning again and again. While the Mint Tea Tree seems to be the most popular, Kama Soaps creates a plethora of over a dozen decadent kinds of soaps. All are made with different herbs and grains to add colour and texture, and a large amount of essential oils so that you are not left guessing which soap is which!
We are profiling Kama Soaps here on our blog for two reasons. We would like to first acknowledge the amazing quality of product that Sharon and her team have provided us since 1998. As well, we would like to provide them with a formal thank you for their contribution to our Victoria Earth Day 2009 Green Goodie Giveaway. They partnered with us to provide over 200 customers with free Kama Soap Tote Bags, and free Kama Bars of Soap! The Earth Day Celebration was a huge success, as it created awareness about Earth Day in an extremely fun way!
Kama Soaps are available at Fiber Options Naturals Tofino, and Fiber Options Naturals Victoria. Small and Large bars are available, as well as an assortment of bath salts, soaps on a rope, and specialty baby and complexion bars.
If you would like to order products through Fiber Options Naturals, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-381-2138 or email us at
If you would like more information about Kama Soaps, click here to visit their website.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Best of the City 2009

Do your ethics align with those of Fiber Options Naturals and Ecoeverything? If so - and if you like the products that we carry - please vote for us for our Victoria location of Fiber Options Naturals in the Best of the City 2009 Contest by Black Press. It is fun to fill out with your family or friends, as you get to pick the 'best' places for dining out, shopping and much much more....There is a new eco/green section of the survey, and we would love your support!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Values Based Business Network

Fiber Options Naturals Victoria is a charter member of the Victoria Values Based Business Network, or VBN for short. We would like to profile this great organization in our blog, as it has provided us with great networking and educational opportunities since its start in 2004. The VBN is southern Vancouver Island's only organization specifically designed for progressive businesses. It is a place where we have gone to meet, mingle with, and learn from other sustainable and values based businesses in town. The VBN provides monthly networking opportunities as well as many educational events such as workshops and panel discussions. Fiber Options Naturals wanted to give back to this great organization, and so a few months ago, our Victoria Store Manager ran for a VBN board position. She was elected on, and has been excited to be working with them ever since. Community involvement is a huge part of Fiber Options' Values, so it could not have been a better fit to have a Fiber Options' representative serving on the VBN board!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

$1200 Shopping Spree Winner Announced

Well - this is a little late, but we had to share the details anyways!!! On Earth Day (April 23rd) the winner of the Green Collective's Earth Day $1200 Shopping Spree, Elizabeth Peters, got carted around from store to store via a Kabuki Cab to spend her winnings! The 12 participating Green Collective stores each donated $100 to the event, making for a $1200 Shopping Spree at the 12 hippest and greenest stores Victoria has to offer! If you are not familiar with what this event was about, please check out the previous two postings!!!

Congratulations again to Elizabeth, the winner of the prize! There could not have been more of a deserving winner, as Elizabeth is a brand new mum, in search of all things eco for her new little baby! We hope Elizabeth had a wonderful time shopping with her friend and child (and the Kabuki guy too!)

If you are curious as to what the Green Collective is all about, please click here for more information. The link will direct you to our new Green Collective website, where you can stay up to date about future promotions and events.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

SNAP Victoria Covers Earth Day Event

Snap Victoria, the new definitive monthly source of the many community events, celebrations and business gatherings in Victoria, covered our Green Collective Earth Day Event. The Great Green Goodie Giveaway and $1200 Shopping Spree (as seen in the previous blog post) happenned on April 18th 2009 at our Victoria location of Fiber Options Naturals. Please click on the link below to see Snap's photo of the event at Fiber Options Naturals. Be sure to also check out Snap Victoria's other great photos of community events in our great city! You can also pick up hard copies of the magazine at various locations around the city. Thanks to Paula for coming down to the store, and "Snapping" away!
Click Here for the SNAP Photo.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Earth Day Victoria 2009

Fiber Options Naturals Victoria celebrated Earth Day 2009 in style this year! Victoria's Green Collective, which is a grouping of eco-friendly retail stores, held a massive Earth Day celebration.

On April 18th (the Saturday before earth day) all 12 participating stores of the Green Collective held the "Great Green Goodie Giveaway" and a chance for all of the customers to win a $1200 Shopping Spree
Every customer received a goodie, and a ballot for the shopping spree draw. The draw took place the next day, and the winner was to 'shop till they drop' on earth day, which was the following Wednesday!
With the help from Kama Soap, Fiber Options Naturals handed out delectable handmade soap from the Kama Soap line! The soaps are all natural, and handmade on Saltspring Island. Check them out at!
The event was a huge success!!! Thank you to all of our loyal customers for coming down to celebrate with us! See the next blog post for who won the $1200 Shopping Spree!
For more information about the Green Collective, please check out our new site at