Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"We Day" 2009

Today marked the third annual 'We Day'. It is the largest youth empowerment event of its kind, and it was held today in Vancouver, and will be held again in Toronto on October 5th. How does this connect to us? In many, many ways.....

'We Day' is a Free the Children initiative. Free the Children is a non profit that started in Canada in 1995. A young boy, by the name of Craig Kielburger, started this organization at the age of 12. At the age of TWELVE he got together 11 school friends to start fighting against child labour. What started in 1995 as what seemed like a relatively small movement, has now turned into something that has touched youth worldwide. Free the Children program's are across Canada, empowering youth with knowledge, strength and momentum to know that they can change the world. Along with Free Children, is an initiative called 'Me to We'. Me to We is a clothing line, which we are now selling in our stores. The line directly funds the Free the Children program. 50% of the profits from Me to We sales goes directly to Free the Children. The rest of the profits go back into the growing the clothing line.

This is why we decided to start carrying the Me to We line, as it fully matched our ethics and values. The clothing items are all made in Canada and are all made out of eco-friendly fabrics. However, I don't think we quite realized the impact the clothing line would have until a few months ago. You see, Me to We is more than just clothing...its about relationships, stories and a movement that is changing youth across Canada. Stories from customers who have met Craig Kielburger. Stories from customers whose kids or grand kids have fundraised for Free the Children and have had their lives enriched from the organization. Or, stories from customers who have attended these annual 'We Day' events. The stories have brought people together to talk about real issues, that go beyond just buying a shirt in a local store. The stories have created relationships between customers and our staff, and have most importantly awakened our awareness for what more we could be doing. It is reasons like this that I believe my family does what is does with these smalls businesses here in Victoria and Tofino. There is a movement happening. A movement towards fairly traded products and environmentally friendlier choices being made. We are so proud to be a part of that.

So, with that said.....I hope my mum, a school teacher here in Victoria had an empowering time with her children from school at the We Day celebration today. I also hope her friend, a school teacher in Vancouver had a day to remember as the Dalai Lama spoke at We Day. And, I hope my uncle, the founder of this business I work for, had an enlightening day as he sat in GM place and realized what we are contributing to, and how we can do even more in years to come.

Want to learn more? Click here.

May you all have a 'Me to We' kind of year ahead :)

- Megan

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fiber Options Victoria Supports Wear 2 Start Event

On Thursday September 24th, Wear 2 Start held "Spontaneous Combustion", a fundraising event for their amazing cause. If you have not heard of them, Wear 2 Start is a non-profit in Victoria BC. It is an innovative program established to outfit unemployed women for job interviews. The work that they do for women in the Victoria community is absolutely empowering. Check out their website for photos of stunning makeovers that they have done. Move over Oprah, these are the most amazing makeovers I have ever seen!

Our store donated a door prize for their event - a small contribution for their big cause. Our store supports many small and large community events, and this is just one example of one the great organizations in our city.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fiber Options Victoria Supports Earthdance Event

Saturday September 26th will be Victoria's 2nd annual Earthdance event. The event is held in different cities all over the world to promote peace worldwide. Our store has donated a gift certificate to the cause, so perhaps you'll win if you attend!

Click here for more information.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Reasons to Wear Lela Designs!

Check out this great "Real Women Golf" article on Lela Designs. Click here to find out why ordinary moms, golfers, & organic clothing lovers are falling in love with this growing company! See the below posting on our blog for our top 10 reasons of why we love Lela, and why we choose to carry it in our stores.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Supplier Spotlight : Lela Designs

Lela Designs, simply put, is a women's golf apparel company. However, we see it as much more than that! Lela Designs is filling a gap in the eco-fashion and clothing world that is much needed. Conservative yet playful, Lela offers our customers with pieces that they can feel smart and sophisticated in, while still staying true to their values. This is because the line is made out of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled pop bottles or 'P.E.T.' Sure you can wear Lela at the links, but the pieces are also suitable for the office, and some even for an evening out on the town.

Here are our top 10 reasons to wear Lela Designs...

10. You will look fabulous on the links, all while supporting a local, eco company!

9. You will look fabulous at the office, out for drinks, or out on the town, and yes, all while supporting a local, eco company

8. You will be supporting smart entrepreneurial women! Click here to check them out!

7. You will be supporting CAMFED, as Lela supports CAMFED. Check out http://www.camfed.org/

6. You will be supporting the use of bamboo, a renewable, fast growing plant!

5. You will be comfy in the soft bamboo fabrics as they are anti-bacterial and breathable

4. You will be supporting the turning of clear pop bottles into fabric - reducing waste to look good! This is the production of the P.E.T. fabric.

3. You will be supporting cotton grown without pesticides (organic cotton)

2. You will be supporting a local Vancouver based business.

1. You will be buying something made in Canada and sweatshop free!

Want more reasons to wear Lela Designs? Click here to find out!

Lela Designs is available at Fiber Options Naturals in Victoria, and Ecoeverything in Tofino.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Thank You Letter From BC Transit

Recently we received a thank you letter from BC Transit, thanking us for our donation of an organic cotton t-shirt. Why would we donate something to BC Transit you ask? And why are we blogging about it? Well - we donated this prize to the new BC Transit Green Team. Some of the employees at BC Transit have recently made a Green Pledge to lower their greenhouse gas emissions by partaking in a sustainable behaviour of their choice. We thought it was pretty cool that businesses like this are becoming more forward thinking, and we wanted to be a part of it! The thank you letter, from BC Transit employee Michael Silzer, also had some interesting facts about BC Transit that we thought we would share....
At the end of 2008 BC Transit served 1.4 million B.C. residents and provided 50 million annual rides with a fleet of 860 buses and vans. With the introduction of the province's Climate Action Plan, and the Provincial Transit Plan in 2008, BC Transit's environmental policy has been enhanced to reflect a carbon neutral goal.
Yay for alternative transit! Now one of their employees will also learn not only how we can change the world by reducing our car emissions, but also by changing our shirt!
Click here for information on public transit routes in Victoria
Click here for information on public transit routes in Tofino