Sunday, May 10, 2009

$1200 Shopping Spree Winner Announced

Well - this is a little late, but we had to share the details anyways!!! On Earth Day (April 23rd) the winner of the Green Collective's Earth Day $1200 Shopping Spree, Elizabeth Peters, got carted around from store to store via a Kabuki Cab to spend her winnings! The 12 participating Green Collective stores each donated $100 to the event, making for a $1200 Shopping Spree at the 12 hippest and greenest stores Victoria has to offer! If you are not familiar with what this event was about, please check out the previous two postings!!!

Congratulations again to Elizabeth, the winner of the prize! There could not have been more of a deserving winner, as Elizabeth is a brand new mum, in search of all things eco for her new little baby! We hope Elizabeth had a wonderful time shopping with her friend and child (and the Kabuki guy too!)

If you are curious as to what the Green Collective is all about, please click here for more information. The link will direct you to our new Green Collective website, where you can stay up to date about future promotions and events.

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