Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thank You Xavier Rudd!

Last Tuesday, a good lookin' fellow strolled into Fiber Options Naturals in Victoria. One of our staff members struck up conversation with the customer, and soon found out that he was from Australia. Being that we have amazingly personable and perceptive staff, she then noticed that the ruggedly handsome man had a picture of a didgeridoo on his t-shirt. The staff member, looking for things to talk about with the man, then asked "Oh, are you by chance familiar with Xavier Rudd?" (as we often have played his music in the store) and the customer answered, "Why yes...that's me...". Yes - Xavier Rudd was shopping at Fiber Options and we did not recognize the poor guy!!!

He ended up spending quite some time in the shop, and before he left, he kindly added our staff members to the guest list of the show he was performing that night.

So....thank you Xavier Rudd! Thank you for shopping at Fiber Options Naturals, for 'guest listing' our staff, and also for choosing sweat shop free and organic t-shirt options for your official "Xavier Rudd" merchandise!

P.S...the show was fabulous!

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