Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Supplier Spotlight : Lela Designs

Lela Designs, simply put, is a women's golf apparel company. However, we see it as much more than that! Lela Designs is filling a gap in the eco-fashion and clothing world that is much needed. Conservative yet playful, Lela offers our customers with pieces that they can feel smart and sophisticated in, while still staying true to their values. This is because the line is made out of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled pop bottles or 'P.E.T.' Sure you can wear Lela at the links, but the pieces are also suitable for the office, and some even for an evening out on the town.

Here are our top 10 reasons to wear Lela Designs...

10. You will look fabulous on the links, all while supporting a local, eco company!

9. You will look fabulous at the office, out for drinks, or out on the town, and yes, all while supporting a local, eco company

8. You will be supporting smart entrepreneurial women! Click here to check them out!

7. You will be supporting CAMFED, as Lela supports CAMFED. Check out

6. You will be supporting the use of bamboo, a renewable, fast growing plant!

5. You will be comfy in the soft bamboo fabrics as they are anti-bacterial and breathable

4. You will be supporting the turning of clear pop bottles into fabric - reducing waste to look good! This is the production of the P.E.T. fabric.

3. You will be supporting cotton grown without pesticides (organic cotton)

2. You will be supporting a local Vancouver based business.

1. You will be buying something made in Canada and sweatshop free!

Want more reasons to wear Lela Designs? Click here to find out!

Lela Designs is available at Fiber Options Naturals in Victoria, and Ecoeverything in Tofino.

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