Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Thank You Letter From BC Transit

Recently we received a thank you letter from BC Transit, thanking us for our donation of an organic cotton t-shirt. Why would we donate something to BC Transit you ask? And why are we blogging about it? Well - we donated this prize to the new BC Transit Green Team. Some of the employees at BC Transit have recently made a Green Pledge to lower their greenhouse gas emissions by partaking in a sustainable behaviour of their choice. We thought it was pretty cool that businesses like this are becoming more forward thinking, and we wanted to be a part of it! The thank you letter, from BC Transit employee Michael Silzer, also had some interesting facts about BC Transit that we thought we would share....
At the end of 2008 BC Transit served 1.4 million B.C. residents and provided 50 million annual rides with a fleet of 860 buses and vans. With the introduction of the province's Climate Action Plan, and the Provincial Transit Plan in 2008, BC Transit's environmental policy has been enhanced to reflect a carbon neutral goal.
Yay for alternative transit! Now one of their employees will also learn not only how we can change the world by reducing our car emissions, but also by changing our shirt!
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